Low Cost Vet Clinics in Pasadena, CA

We are proud to be able to offer low cost routine veterinary services to our customers twice monthly in conjunction with our anesthesia-free dental clinics. Our visiting veterinarian, Dr. Gisele Concepcion of Pet Paw-zitive, offers vaccinations, microchips, and consultations. Walk in for veterinary services any time after 10 am on clinic dates, or call 626-449-1600 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are taken from 3:30-5 pm when our vet is visiting.

Veterinary consult: $25.00
DHPP, Bordetella, & Rabies Vaccinations: $20.00 each
Microchips: $35.00

Medications prescribed by our veterinarian during a consult are not included in the consult fee. Dr. Concepcion and her team members are not employees of My Pet Garden.