As a pet store owner, one of the most gratifying experiences is when I hear a customer say that our team has really impacted theirs and their pet’s life. Our team loves to do that.

It is usually a case of finding the missing link, asking an assortment of questions that are geared to discover what might be needed to enhance longevity, quality of life, more big stupid smiles and incredibly satisfied with the world flops to the ground.

Sometimes it’s finding the right interactive dog toy, seeing if the pup likes doggy daycare, maybe the ears or teeth need a cleaning.

More often then not that “missing link” is found in the diet and your pet’s nutrition. Finding the right food that is wildly palatable as well as highly nutritious can be an adventure. It becomes even more adventurous if there is a food allergy present! Anyone familiar with that? If so we’d LOVE to hear about it, so PLEASE take a moment to leave a comment below. Your experience could really help another pup!

MissingLinkFunny enough, Missing Link the product is what introduced me to the importance of pet nutrition and my experience with it and a Black Rhino named Sweet Pea is what convinced me to build My Pet Garden around the idea of providing only the best in pet diets.

The man who owns Missing Link flat out GAVE a years supply of the Equine Formula to The Los Angeles Zoo for the Black Rhinos. He was convinced it would help elevate the chronic skin ulcers the size of dinner plates that had plagued captive Rhinos for decades so we the Zookeepers dutifully added the supplement to their diet.

The results were nearly immediate and within six short weeks these painful ulcers were gone. Missing Link has pure black strap molasses which is a very dense source of Biotin a vitamin needed for skin maintenance and rejuvenation. Clearly there is something in the wild that provides the needed amount from a natural source that, until we added Missing Link, we had not discovered and had been missing from the pet’s diet and nutrition. The quality of life for Sweet Pea increased DRAMATICALLY which was just awesome to watch.

So I was thinking a good way to start this blog off would be to ask if you have any diet transformation stories that you can share? We’re also open to any suggestions for MPG on what you think we can provide in the way of products and services. We would like to build a community of people who get to be a part of each others’ pets lives in truly meaningful ways.

Please share your story or write your comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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