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Honest Kitchen

HonestKitchenFamily400wMy Pet Garden in Pasadena, California has been offering The Honest Kitchen’s pet foods for over four years. We believe strongly in both the commitment to our pets and the integrity of the products and cooking process of this company.

This is a perfect diet for so many dogs PLUS because it is dehydrated it is the perfect travel food! The Honest Kitchen Foods can be use to great effect as both a solo food or as a supplement to an existing diet.

My Pet Garden is proud to sell The Honest Kitchen pet foods.

Taste of the Wild

pet-food-taste-of-wildTruthfully, we were attracted to this food because it was a lower priced alternative to the Orijen brand we carry PLUS these diets and company satisfy all of our other demands such as company accountability, ingredients source, manufacturing source and conditions.

What we discovered, however, is that Taste Of The Wild is truly its own food. One chief reason that comes to mind right away is that they have included garbanzo beans in their foods. This is important because to provide great nutrition of course you need quality ingredients chosen to supply the bodies fundamental needs.

In addition to that ease and degree of assimilation into the body is needed. This is done by including both pre and probiotics. Pre-biotics assist in breaking down foods for digestion while in the stomach, while probiotics do the same but in both the large and small intestines.Garbanzo beans contain probiotics. Probiotics start assisting in the breakdown of the food while in the stomach. It is very smart of them to include this source of probiotics in their diets.

Stella & Chewy’s

stella-and-cheweysMy Pet Garden has carried these thoughtful diets ever since their beginning! When Stella and Chewys first came out they only made treats, AMAZING treats, so I was really excited that they were developing diets and completely impressed with the final results.

Like so many of the products we carry Stella and Chewys is born out of the love and dedication one person has for their pets and the rest becomes history.


pet-food-orijenThe pet lovers of Pasadena California tend to do their own research! While we at My Pet Garden were busy doing our open research into these fantastic foods, our own customers were flooding us with requests to carry it.

There are many reasons Orijen has such great pet food formulas. Among our favorites are the fact that ALL of their ingredients are from local sources and that they own their own kitchens and manufacturing plants. superb accountability.

The Real Meat Company
I have known the owner of this company Glenn Gorham for over nine years now. Our kids attend the same schools. Fact is Glenn is a bit of a “Silent Mentor” in that I have watched what he does and followed in his foot steps for these entire nine years.I have watched Glenn start this business and take it nation wide. His accountability is amazing and I am sure that at least one reason he has been so successful is that others who sell his products can tell the same thing I do. When he says it comes from New Zealand, it comes from New Zealand. Glenn eats, sleeps and breathes for this company which is great but also great is the taste of his foods & treats. I am sure there are dogs and cats that have not liked them some where, I just have never seen it happen. When I bring these treats home my once mutually friendly cats and dogs begin what can only be described as a ruthless battle of conquest.

Primal is an all natural raw diet including all human grade ingredients and certified organic fruits and vegetables. Great for allergies or for adding some extra spark back into your pet.
pet-food-natural-balanceNatural Balance
is a Limited ingredient diet great for dogs with specific protein allergies or dogs that require a lower protein grain free diet.
pet-food-holistic-selectHolistic Select
A great alternative to any low residue diet. (Great for dogs with tummy trouble!)
pet-food-canidae-pureCanidae Pure
Grain FREE Canidae

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At My Pet Garden in Pasadena, California, we have been recommending the Dog Food Analysis Site to our customers for the last three years. Our store was built on the foundation of only offering the best foods available. To that end we are constantly looking at diets and we have never carried Iams or Science Diet. We take a certain amount of pride in being pet food experts so it is incredibly awesome to be able to direct a customer to an independent source good quality information. This helps ease the customers mind to know that we do our research and that we are not simply trying to sell them on any brand of food.